zNose Trace Detection -

Real-Time Vapour Analysis in the Field


The zNose Ultra-Fast Gas Chromatograph ( GC / SAW )


The unique, patented, zNose portable GC / SAW instrument rapidly detects volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) in the field as well as in the lab.


A vast array of chemicals, compounds, vapours, and toxins are detectable with significant speed and specificity by the zNose, which analyses them in real-time.


Certain compounds are analysed to part per trillion (ppt) sensitivity - in seconds!


This is the world of the zNose GC / SAW – a real-time gas analyser designed to identify many organic vapours, toxins and compounds in a complete cycle (including bake-off sensor cleaning) of around sixty to ninety seconds.

  • zNose - First of its kind – the zNose is the first gas chromatograph ( GC ) based on patented Surface Acoustic Wave ( SAW ) technology - The GC / SAW zNose.
  • zNose - Reduces hazard – the zNose detects compounds without needing to touch the potentially hazardous object or source
  • zNose - All encompassing – recognises volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the C4 - C25 range, to picogram (ppt) levels
  • zNose - Selective – hundreds of different chemical and biological elements can be individually identified singularly and simultaneously from highly complex vapour mixtures - a comprehensive and constantly updated library is included with the zNose's library, to which users can add their own data
  • zNose - Straightforward visual display – provides the vapour analysis in a simple format that can be used easily by technicians and non-specialists alike - in the lab and in the field. In real time.

The zNose is currently being used around the world by a wide variety of organisations, companies, homeland security and border forces, professionals, scientists, researchers, students and specialists.


These include security consultants, research scientists, medical clinicians, environmental agencies, water remediation specialists, life scientists, petrochemical professionals and security forces (from local law enforcement agencies to national military forces).


The zNose is also being used daily to identify explosive, chemical and biological threats and assist in determining thier solutions.


TechMondial currently offers five models of the zNose:

  • zNose Models 4200, 4300, 4500 and 4600 Portable zNose – for field use
  • The zNose Models 4200, 4300, 4500 and 4600 will each provide you with exceptional specificity levels of VOC vapour analysis in a portable format.
  • The zNose 4300 instrument offers the unique long-life battery pack and Bluetooth for enhanced mobility.
  • zNose Model 7100 Benchtop – ideal for the laboratory, this model is a benchtop unit that can help with quality control and other chemical analysis.
  • The model 7100 zNose is the most cost-effective instrument in the range

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zNose Model 7100 Benchtop

Thumbnail ImagezNose Model 4500 / 4600 Fully Portable

zNose Model 4300

Thumbnail ImagezNose Model 4200



Accessories also available from the TechMondial zNose range:

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zNose Model 3100 Desorber

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zNose Model 3200 Heater

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zNose Model 3300 Remote Sampler

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zNose Remote Sampler Kit