Model 4300 Portable zNose

The Model 4300 Portable zNose


The Model 4300 zNose is the only portable real time analyzer on the market that can detect and analyze all types of vapors and identify traces of organic, biological & chemical compounds quickly and accurately. It is also the only electronic nose technology to receive validation from both the US EPA and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. It has been chosen by NASA for their Space Laboratory to assist in the search for life on other planets and by the US Homeland Security Task Force as a major tool in fighting against world terrorism and crime.

Accessories included:

  • Microsense Software
  • Performance Evaluation Kit – chemicals needed to clean the Model 4300 zNose
  • User Kit – hand tools for light maintenance
  • Helium Filling Assembly – to refill the zNose with helium

US EPA Water and Wastewater Security Product Guide



zNose Introductory Video (WMV - 20Mb)