Low Cost zNose 7100 Benchtop


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Model 7100 Benchtop zNose

The portable 7100 benchtop zNose is the entry-level, low cost zNose instrument.


This zNose model offers you an unparalleled level of sensitivity when analysing chemical or biological processes, in near real-time and very low cost.


The benefits of the zNose 7100 are:

  • Patented Surface Acoustic Wave ( GC / SAW ) Technology
  • Ultra-fast response – immediate results in under 30 seconds
  • Recognition of vapours as low as parts per trillion (ppt) concentrations
  • Analysis of residues smaller than 50 picograms
  • User interaction for both technical and non-technical users
  • A simple user display communicating highly complex sample data
  • Very low capital outlay compared to lab GCs.
  • Minimal cost of operation.